Start Digital Yoga with ex-Moody's Nimish Dayalu on International Yoga Day 2020

This week, on International Yoga Day, Mr. Nimish Dayalu, will be offering free Yoga sessions, offered on first-come-first-serve basis.

Start Digital Yoga with ex-Moody's Nimish Dayalu on International Yoga Day 2020
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Yoga AT Home

In  like these, mental and physical health have taken a backstage. Especially for corporate employees, there are added stress triggers, including lay-offs, salary cuts, unpaid leaves, and improper work-life balance when working from home

During pre-COVID-19 times, organizations used to have occasional “stress-buster” yoga sessions. Now, due to work from home policies, all of that has come to a standstill. While elaborate diet plans and mild intoxicants are an easy relief, they are not a long-term solution. Yoga, in simplest words, is the key to a healthy mind, body, & soul.

This gap between yoga sessions offered - and the ones required, prompted Mr. Nimish Dayalu, a corporate mogul, to start NamasteGozo - a coordinated Yoga training community, both via digital & corporate retreats.

MrNimish DayaluFounder, NamasteGozo, stated, “At the peak of my corporate career at Moody’s & Moksh Consulting, there was a lot of international travel and great incentives; but it failed to amaze me. Being from a background that was deeply entrenched into Yoga & Vedic health & wellness, I come to know now that this was the missing piece from my life.”

This Yoga Day, Mr. Dayalu has taken the initiative of helping the corporate employees rise above the usual stress & wellness issues. Many of his pioneering sessions are available on his Youtube Channel, Ultimate Freedom.

For employees & decision-makers looking to start small with Yoga and try out a session, here’s a complete walk-through plan for ideal health & wellness. One can also sign up for special week-long sessions, free of cost, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, 2020.

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