Gifted Carnatic Singer and Flautist Varijashree releases her track 70 Rupak on Springboard Records

Indian elements defined as part of the United SAARC Showcase, the song is now available for streaming and download on Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Wynk, Amazon Music, Google Play Music.

Gifted Carnatic Singer and Flautist Varijashree releases her track 70 Rupak on Springboard Records
70 Rulak

Mumbai, July 29th, 2020: Indian Carnatic Singer, Varijashree delivers prodigal performance as part of Chauraha  - The United SAARC Showcase.  Delivered at Totem Pole, the teen Music Festival, the new song is available through the record label, Springboard Records.  

Varijashree has created a unique repertoire in music by beautifully fusing different genres of music yet retaining their authenticity.  She gave her first full fledged Carnatic performance at the tender age of 7, well appreciated by critics and music lovers alike and has grown to compose music for documentaries, movies and theatre productions in addition to curating exclusive original compositions. 

“70 Rupak” is based on Raag Charukeshi in a 7 beat cycle, quintessentially Varijashree
with contemporary twists provided by award winning producer, Aman Moroney.
"70 Rupak" was produced as a part of a project uniting significant Artists
and musicologists from various SAARC countries to create a Unified Showcase “Chauraha”
which was presented at Totem Pole, India’s 1 st teen Music Festival under the aegis of Boon
Castle Media & Entertainment Private Limited in association with Kulturtanken.
Speaking on the release, Varijashree commented, “Cross cultural experiments create an unusual vibe in music and the SAARC Project was very exciting as it involved music makers from various SAARC countries bringing their cultures and music together, which is rare. We started writing various motifs over the track that Aman presented to me in the studio and within a few takes, we had a basic structure of the song. A big thanks to my close collaborator and producer Aman Moroney, for writing and producing 70 Rupak with me and Ashish & Ujjla Manchanda, founders of Boon Castle Media & Entertainment for making me an inherent part of Chauraha. I look forward to this song bringing delight to every listener!”

Varijashree has her own band “Variations” and she is also part of a South Asian contemporary cross genre quartet “CHAKRAFONICS”.  Varijashree is popular for her rare ability to scat Jazz compositions using Indian Sargam system (solfege)  which she calls “CARNATIC SCAT SINGING”.  This has gained a lot of appreciation from music lovers all over the world.

Listen to the track here:

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