Do you know who Jasleen Bhalla is, whose voice you hear before getting the call, Corona virus

Today the whole country is fighting with the Corona virus or Kovid-19 but remember we have to fight the disease not the sick… 'Whose voice is behind the corona collar tune?

It has been more than five months since Corona came into existence and for almost three months all of us hear a caller tune on our phones in a captivating voice of corona awareness, 'The whole country is fighting today with the Corona virus or Kovid-19 It has been, but remember, we have to fight against the disease, not the sick. 

Do not discriminate against them, take care of them and to avoid this disease which is our shield like our doctors, health workers, police, sweepers etc. give respect to them, give them full support, take care of these warriors, then the country will win from Corona All conditions. For more information, state helpline number or Central helpline number 1075. Issued in public interest by the Government of India

This voice is so sweet to hear, if someone is speaking then keep listening to it. But have you ever wondered whose voice this is, who is this girl who is making awareness about citizens Corona or Kovid-19 in a cute and sweet voice. This voice is that of renowned voice over artist Jasleen Bhalla

You may not have recognized Jasleen Bhalla by face, but you may have heard Jasleen's voice in many advertisements. Be it Horlicks advertisement or Slice TVC or Tata Docomo, you may have heard Jasleen Bhalla's voice in these advertisements. Jasleen Bhalla is a voice-over artist, she has been doing this work for the last ten years. Jasleen started her career as a sports journalist, but later engaged herself as a voice-over artist.

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