Types of subscription boxes

As we have mentioned before, the possibilities to create a subscription box are as many as there are so many businesses.  However, we are going to show several examples that have been very successful over time.  You can take these examples as inspiration for your subscription service.

Subscription boxes best

These are the most successful subscription box types over the years:

Beauty boxes: Subscription boxes best with beauty products for women were one of the first models to succeed in this type of service.  Many brands have been incorporating this service into their offer.  The change in human behaviour about personal care has also opened up new business opportunities.  For example, today there are subscription boxes that offer beard care products every month.

Food boxes:  Food subscription boxes are another of the most successful types of subscriptions.  Companies offer several tasting products according to consumer tastes to surprise and introduce new products.  Within this type of service, they offer everything from boxes of vegan products, and gourmet products to gluten-free products.

Boxes of clothes and accessories: By the tastes and previous analysis of the user’s behaviour, these clothing firms send clothes and accessories to their users.

In general, the mode of operation in these cases is somewhat different from the other models.  In the subscription boxes, the user receives different outfits that the brand’s stylist has chosen for him or her.  From these outfits, the user will be able to choose and pay with what they keep.  Therefore, the monthly fee for this model is for the styling service, and not for the product itself.  Other companies rent outfits every month, in exchange for a fee, usually higher than in the previous model.