Advantages of the manual coffee machine

Supporters of the manual coffee machine claim that, once the art is perfected, this appliance is able to prepare the best possible espresso, since, as we have seen, you have full control over every single element that makes up the extraction process  Best home espresso machine for beginners

Opponents, on the other hand, find this method cumbersome and exhausting. They underline how the great manual work necessary to extract a cup of coffee does not give such evident results as to justify the effort and time invested.

The espresso that is obtained with a lever coffee machine has 4 obvious characteristics, body :

given by the high percentage of soluble substances in coffee dissolved in water;

creaminess :

a layer of thick and velvety cream, thanks to the pressure peak of 14 bar;

aromaticity :

Best home espresso machine for beginners

the finest and most complex aromas are kept for a long time in the cup, thanks to the surface and protective layer of the cream;

delicacy :

no bitter and unpleasant notes in the cup, since in the final stage of extraction, the pressure drops drastically, thus preserving the original essence of the espresso extracted;

Many enthusiasts also point out that these machines have a unique and elegant appearance , which makes them aesthetically and communicatively appealing.

We can summarize the Pros and Cons of the manual coffee machine in this simplified diagram:


Complete control over the coffee extraction process

Classic design and unmistakable style

Longevity and resistance

Espresso quality at the highest levels.